Moscow metal-band NEFELIM (originally named NIFELHEIM) was formed in the early beginning of 1994 by the two young guitar players Dmitry Fokin and Alexey Montov. The music style of the band for that period can be characterized as melodic heavy-speed-metal. Band had a lot of local gigs mostly in Moscow and a short demo-tape was recorded. In the beginning of 1996 the crew was disbanded because of some grave musical disagreements. Alexey Montov became a member of another well-known Moscow band “Shadow Host”. Other musicians also continued their careers in different Moscow bands such as “Transylvania”, “Scrambled Defunct”, “Catharsis”…

Shortly after that Dmitry Fokin and the band drummer Alexander Rastorguev formed a new crew. Being a leader Dmitry decided to invite a keyboard player instead of the second guitarist. Soon they started rehearsing the new songs. Adding the keyboards has changed the music style and the band was renamed to GATES OF CREATION. Keyboard player D.J.Avad joined the crew and the band found its own style standing for powerful speedy riffs and ultra-melodic keyboards. Unfortunately at that time there was no vocalist, who could fit the band and D.J.Avad challenged himself to sing, at least until a free suitable singer was found.

During the recording session for the first full-length album the band changed its name to NEFELIM and the album got the title “Gates Of Creation”. Its release was entirely sponsored by the band itself. It was out in 2002 and received good assessments from various metal magazines all around the world. Since then NEFELIM performed some shows in Russia and composed lots of new songs but because of the protracted problems with other band members D.J.Avad and Dmitry Fokin had to put off the studio session for the second album.

At last in 2007: NEFELIM's own studio is finally built; the band is joined by the bass player Alexander Shvets (once again); and all the instument parts for the "Quinta essentia" album are recorded. This album is to be released both in English and in Russian.