Metal Storm - ревью (en)


Rating: 9/10
********** NEFELIM
Vrata Mirozdaniya

01. Otstupleniye Ot Dvadtsat Shestogo...
02. Nefilim
03. …V Ad
04. Leta
05. Atlantis
06. Inkvizitsiya
07. Rassvet…


Sometimes you receive a CD that you don’t know nothing of, and it turns to be a complete surprise, of course this rarely happens, but when it does… wow! So, reading this first lines you might have figured out that we’re dealing with a surprise here, and a pleasant one indeed!

I a big fan of Metal singed in other languages other than English, I only understand English and my native language, Spanish. But listening to heavy Metal sung in other languages just blows me out, and Nefelim sings in Russian, a beautiful language, I always thought that Russian language had a dramatic feel to it, and this guys on Nefelim exploit that dramatic edge of their natal tongue to make this release on of the best Progressive Metal albums that I have listened in a long time.

So, let’s analyze this 'Vrata Mirozdaniya' [Gate of Creation], song by song, inch by inch, they deserve it! 'Otstupleniye Ot Dvadtsat Shestogo...' [Digression from 26th], is an instrumental opener, clocking only 2 minutes, leaves you craving for more, so 'Nefilim' kicks off as soon Digression finishes, so here we can truly appreciate Nefelim at it’s finest moment, what a great song! This is a song with a wide spectrum of melodies and tempos, with complex instrumental breaks, and some moody passages, and in top of this, the dramatic/theatric voice of D.J. Avad sure gives the band a unique style.

'…V ad' […To Hell], is another great instrumental, but this is only the preview of the excellent 'Leta' [Lethe], a speedy song that shows again, the potential of these guys. After “Atlantis” comes the closing duo of the album 'Inkvizitsiya' [Inquisition] and 'Rassvet…' [Dawn…], another two great songs to close this absolute killer album!

So the question is… why are this guys still unsigned? How could record companies overlook this great band? I hope that this changes! Because with talent like this you can’t go wrong! Now remember me, and remember the name Nefelim, because I might just heard the newest sensation of Progressive Metal.

review by Undercraft

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