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Very upbreat, keyboard heavy and over the top - 78%
Written by PowerMetalGlory on May 2nd, 2003

The first comparison that came to my mind after hearing this band was the now defunct Lost in Twilight. However, this band is way more upbeat and and the cheese factor devours the ears. Lots of shredding! This album is very keyboard heavy and generally poppy, which should serve as an instant flag for someone considering hearing this band. The lyrics are in Russian, which isn't surprising since this is a Russian band. The male vocals somewhat resemble choir vocals except for the whispers when he sounds more like a chain smoker. This album is amazingly airy and flowery. Can never have too much! This keyboard solo that I am currently hearing is making Alex Strapolli blush very heavily. With tracks like ..To Hell sounding like a carousel song, you just cannot go wrong. The sound is very professional and the band members are quite able to wield their instruments as they unleash their metal-a-roni on the world. So, if for some reason you feel like being amused by some impressive keyboard action while you take a break from the heavy sounds of Mortician, give Nefelim a chance. Love and Flowers upon you.

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