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Lunar Society - ревью (en)

Birthplace: Moscow (Russian Federation)
Formed year: 1993 (The first name was NIFELHEIM. Later the name became VRATA MIROZDANIYA, and in 2000 it became NEFELIM.)
Music style: Melodic Power Metal
The official site: http://www.nefelim.ru/
This is the first album as NEFELIM. The first tune "Otstuplenie ot dvadtsat' shestovo..." (Digression from 26th...) is speedy, and melodious piano's sounds like classical music are very cool!! The other tunes are also powerful and melodious. But this music seems to lack stability a little. And I think it is similar to SHADOW HOST that is a power metal band from Moscow. Released in 2002.
My degree of satisfaction: *****
"DARK CITY": ** [Andrew Korukhin] (November-December 2002) Other reviews: Rearching The Horizons (Japanese), Symsody (Japanese)

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