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" "

... (2:10)
... (3:41)
Atlantis (The Fall) (3:33)

Lethe (The life scenes)
Lethe (The life scenes) (6:05)

" " 1995 (Demo)
(2 691 kb)

"Ai o Torimodose" 2010
Ai o Torimodose (8 185 kb)


Lyrics by D.J.Avad.
Music by D.A.Fokin.

From time to time I come here
My memory seems odd to me
My vulnerable mind's concealed behind pale blind
It hinders so
I know I must drink from that fountain
But first I'll dare to peep behind the curtain

1st Scene:
There is a childit feels so strange familiar stage
Everything's pierced by motley lights, world is so bright, rules are denied, life slowly flows before my eyes
It's all so detailed the air I breathe my feelings childish dreams
I can remember my old friends memory bends it's on the mend but yet it drags me through the Sands (of Time)

2nd Scene:
High upon high, above black clouds still there's the sky so clear
I am young I don't know anything 'bout fear I'm not seared
Not keen on earning fame, too unpretentious, too proud, not anxious
I fly!
(These leaves burst into flames
Youth dropped behind)

I know, someone there laughs at me
He thinks that I will bend the knee. No way!

3rd Scene:
I see the edge of my life
My veins are bone-dry
But yet for some reason
Through laughter I cry:
"I will not return,
It's the end of my term,
On this page of my file
I'll stay for a while"

Ooh, please
I wanna stay
Don't wanna go!
Why don't you leave me alone?!

Nobody heard me; they carry my consciousness
Throughout all those pictures I don't want to see (no more!)
Sceneries are changingarranging they come and go
My life path meets pain; it's so repellent for me
Destructed illusions, aroma of insanity
No, I'm not the person I wanted to be!

I've seen enough!.. I take your invitation
Lethe! Drinking your blood I'm fulfilling myself.
But I'll find way back through The Gates of Creation
To slake thirst again, (to) sink my mind in your well

If there is god, at least I know that he's mad