MY UNIVERSE "Switzerland"


MY UNIVERSE "Швейцария" (2011)

1. Колизей (8:17)    
2. Закат (5:39)    
3. Ангельская пыль (4:58)    
4. Осколок льда (3:24) - Vocals performed by D.J.Avad  
5. Икар (4:46) - Vocals performed by Anna Emelyanova  
6. ??? (?:??)      
7. ??? (?:??)      
8. ??? (?:??)      
9. ??? (?:??)      

Cover-album by My Universe project "Switzerland".

"By mere coincidence the year of 2010 has been the year of 25 anniversary celebrated by one of the most noted Russian rock bands – Aria, and I’m so much happy to say: Dear Aria and your fans! Happy 25 years of great creative job making all us happy!

As a gift both to the New Year and to Aria’s anniversary (smoothly transcending to a more solid number of 26) I decided to record a small album of my cover-versions of some Aria’s songs.

These versions are quite different, sometimes controversial, with a couple of musical jokes (that’s for the most attentive of you ;)). I’ll be making them available for download one by one.

Over half of them are instrumental versions of songs just as I see them, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make something with vocals – it will be as diverse including male and female, lyrical and rock hard – trust me – you’ll like it! ;)
" Alexander Shvetz

D.J.Avad - "Oskolok lda"
Anna Emelanova - "Ikar"
Electric, acoustic, bass guitars, keyboards, arrangements:
Alexander Shvetz