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Nefelim guitar lessons - Atlantis (The Fall) (lesson 1)

Nefelim lessons

Track from "The Gates Of Creation" album (2002):

Atlantis (The Fall) - download


This article starts a new series of articles entitled «NEFELIM lessons» to give you a chance to analyze riffs, solos, different playing techniques etc. by the example of Nefelim’s songs.
First lesson will guide you in detail to the opening riff from Atlantis (The Fall).

You are welcome to leave your comments and wishes.
You are as well welcome to offer what may be cool to analyze in our further lessons (guitar riffs, solo parts).

In this piece the following playing techniques are performed: Alternate picking, Vibrato, Hammer-on and Pull-off.
Atlantis (The Fall) original tempo - 135 bpm
Represented video tempo - 140 and 100 respectively



The coolest thing about fig.1 is that you can play it in three different techniques:

1. Playing all notes with your left hand in legato, while your right hand picks just the first note. Descending notes are played in Pull (pulling the string down), ascending notes are played in Hammer (hitting the string and then pulling it down). (Use this exercise to develop legato technique)

2. Playing all notes with a pick. Here you should try to use the same technique in your left hand as while playing in legato. (Use this exercise to develop synchronization of the two hands and to develop alternate picking)

3. I play all odd hits on the string (i.e. all except open string) with a pick to get a more bright kind of sound (accentuating the attack and rhythm with first downbeats). This technique is similar to the previous one, only here your right hand plays 8ths and not 16ths.
Synchronization of the two hands is crucial in this technique.




Guitar - Dmitry Fokin
Cameraman - D.J.Avad
Editor - Dmitry Fokin
Producer - Alexander Shvets
Sound engineers - D.J.Avad & Dmitry Fokin

Kazakov Custom Guitars
Carl Martin The Fuzz
Ashdown Peacemaker 60
Custom Guitar Cabs
Palmer PGA-04
Shure SM57
And Camera Panasonic

© 17 october 2010 Dmitry Fokin


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